We believe that each day can bring healing, discovery and joy. Yoga in Vienna exists to uncover that joy. 


Reduce Tension & Stress

in your body & mind

 Classes for all levels

Yoga in Vienna offers yoga classes to all levels of yogis. Whether you are just starting, or are looking to advance your practice, we offer classes to meet you where you are. 
We offer group and private classes in Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Prenatal, Restorative and Trauma Informed styles.
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  Dance Masterclasses for all skill levels, 
taught by the top dancers & choreographers of our time. 

What is included in a course?

  • Unlimited Access (80+ courses)
  • Instructional workbooks for every class
  • Mobile App for iPhone or Android
  • New class added every month
  • 7-Day money back guarantee

  Get inspired by passionate artists like you

There are more than 80 lessons taught by the best dancers. Every class focuses on a different topic. The instructions are easy to follow for all levels.

Wellness without leaving the house

Daily live yoga classes

Interactive live yoga classes

Practice with your teacher from the comfort of your home

What is Yoga in Vienna Online Studio
Are the classes “live”?
Do you offer memberships?
Our online yoga studio offers students the chance to practice with us from the comfort of their home.
Sign-up for any of our live classes and you will automatically receive a Zoom link to join the class. We share music playlists customised to each class.
We offer daily yoga and mindfulness classes in a variety of yoga styles. 
Create a consistent practice with our unlimited online studio membership. You'll be able to attend unlimited classes each month.
All of our classes are live (never pre-recorded), so you can interact with the teacher in real-time. You'll receive personal guidance, adjustments and modifications for poses.

Teacher Trainings & Courses

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