What to Expect from a Private Yoga Session

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If you practice yoga you might experience the feeling that you're not getting the most out of group yoga classes at your yoga studio. Maybe you feel that you're not getting the individual attention you need from your yoga instructor, or that you're not able to progress as you'd like to in your yoga practice. 

Is a Private Yoga Session Right For Me?

Whether you're an experienced yogi that has been practicing for many years, or you're a beginner just starting your yoga journey, you might have wondered if you would benefit from private yoga classes. Are private yoga lessons that much better than a group yoga class?

But what can you expect when you schedule a private yoga class? Here's a quick guide to help you understand the benefits of private yoga, and what you can expect from your first class.

When you schedule a private yoga session, you're committing to your physical health and overall well-being. Private yoga sessions offer many benefits that you won't find in a group yoga class. Yoga teachers are not able to give the same personalised attention and experience in group yoga lessons. 


With a private yoga class, you benefit not just from having classes around your schedule.

Private yoga classes are an excellent way to take care of your health and well-being. You'll work 1:1 with an experienced private yoga instructor, who will tailor the yoga class to your specific needs and goals. This is an ideal way to learn more about yoga or to focus on specific areas of concern such as flexibility, strength, or balance. Your private yoga instructor is there to guide and motivate you as you explore and progress along your yoga practice.

A private yoga class is typically 60-90 minutes long and may include breathing exercises, meditation, and gentle stretching in addition to traditional yoga poses. Your private yoga instructor will provide props and modifications as needed so that you can practice safely and effectively. 

Private yoga classes offer an opportunity for students to dive deeper into their yoga practice with personalised attention and guidance every step of the way. Private sessions can offer more advanced progressions than group classes with more individual attention. in group yoga classes, yoga instructors are not able to provide the individual attention required to work with a student's areas of concern or goals.  

With private lessons, you can get a unique yoga experience with sessions on your schedule, allowing you to seamlessly fit yoga into your life.

Most importantly, a private yoga class is a chance for you to connect with yourself and explore your journey with Yoga. So take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy the ride!

Initial Consultation

At our studio, before your first private yoga lesson, there is an initial consultation. In your initial consultation, the private instructor will review your history, any previous injury, or chronic pain you experience, your yoga experience, goals and abilities. 

Our private yoga instructors discuss with clients what they want to work on, be it strength and postural stability or flexibility and relaxing, or perhaps a specific pose or yoga skills. 

Some clients might have specific areas of difficulty, or physical limitations, while others would like to see more of an advancement in their practice and learn how they can progress.

Identifying students' expectations and what they would like to get from private yoga sessions, allows instructors to know how to support their students.

Once we uncover your why, we will then discuss in detail the best path forward for success. Through learning your areas of strength, and areas of improvement and knowing your goals and desires, we are then able to create an individualised program tailored specifically for you.

During this consultation, it is the perfect opportunity to have the teacher answer any questions you may have. This session should mark the beginning of building a relationship based on trust with your private yoga instructor. 

Your teacher will then tailor the yoga class specifically for you

Your yoga teacher will plan each yoga class and design it specifically for you in a way that allows you to focus on the areas you would like to work on so that you get the most out of each class. 

The structure and experience of the class should be guided by your personal preferences and desires. Some clients wish to have a more spiritually aligned practice, while others are drawn to the physical practice of yoga, and some would like a balance between the two. This preference will determine any meditation, pranayama, mantras, etc. that the yoga teacher will include in the practice. The class should be the perfect balance of practices for you. 
The individual yoga poses are carefully and intentionally composed to create a sequence based on your level and abilities. The postures taught are selected to support a client feel better in their body, work past limitations and progress toward any goals. For example, if a client is experiencing neck stiffness, your yoga teacher will include postures involving shoulder mobility, while a client who wants to advance in arm balances will work on strengthening the arms and core. 

The style of yoga practised in private yoga lessons can be customised to your individualised program, by an experienced yoga instructor trained in various yoga styles and techniques. The yoga style, or combination of styles, taught is guided by what you want to work on. Each style addresses a particular need. For example, Vinyasa yoga is great for building strength and stamina, while Yin can be appropriate for a client working on increasing their range of motion. A restorative practice is beneficial for anyone looking to release tension, whether physical or mental.  

Private sessions offer the opportunity to have a yoga practice that is just for you. Each class is designed specifically around the areas you most want to focus on and addresses your goals. 

Each private yoga class will be carefully planned according to your individual needs and desires. The meditation practices, pranayama, sequence and poses practised, intensity and pace are all customised to support your journey. The entire class should be a well-thought-through, perfectly balanced class that from beginning to end creates a cohesive experience rooted in the client's individual practice.

You can expect a more intimate setting with personalised attention

You can expect an uninterrupted, private setting from a 1:1 yoga setting. In an intimate setting, you can feel comfortable asking questions freely and exploring different aspects of yoga at your pace. When you work one-on-one with an instructor, you are creating a long-term relationship and building a greater connection that allows you to uncover a much deeper understanding of your practice. In private yoga sessions, instructors can build trust with clients on every level; creating a space where real transformation can occur. 

Private yoga lessons can take place in a yoga studio, at home, or even online. The timing of a private session is dependent on your schedule. 

The entire experience of private classes, including ambience, music playlist (or no music at all), and lighting, are all tailored to your preferences. You can expect an experience that is tailored just for you, allowing you to develop a deeper connection with yourself and your body. 

You have the instructor's complete attention

During a private yoga class, you get 100% of the instructor's attention, allowing you to ask as many questions as you would like. You are given all the time needed to address any concerns and to explain the actions and alignment of specific poses. 
The instructor will use detailed instruction throughout the class, taking into account any areas of concern or difficulty that you may have. During your session, your instructor will be paying attention to your movement patterns, observing your range of motion, limitations and compensations. By doing this, the instructor can identify what areas they need to focus on strengthening, stabilising, stretching and mobilising. They can then identify what poses and variations will be appropriate and support your needs. You'll be encouraged to move within your abilities and limits and explore what feels comfortable for you. 

In a private yoga class, you will receive individual modifications and variations for poses. You will also receive frequent assists and adjustments. Your teacher will be able to give you more detailed instruction than in a group class, making sure that each pose works for you. Adjustments can be verbal or hands-on, based on your comfort. Both verbal and hands-on adjustments can help deepen the experience of a pose and increase your awareness. Your instructor works to create an environment where you feel supported and encouraged on an individual level.  

After your session

Finally, your instructor can offer advice on how to integrate these new skills into everyday life and how to use yoga for self-care. This gives you a better understanding of the practice and more confidence as you continue your journey with yoga. Your instructor can help you create a safe, effective and enjoyable home practice sequence to do between your sessions.


Working with a private yoga teacher is an invaluable experience and can be a great way to deepen your practice, receive individual attention, and progress towards your goals in a safe and supported environment. It’s important to remember that the journey of yoga is personal and it takes time to build strength, flexibility and awareness. Working in a private setting allows you to explore the depths of your practice in an intimate setting with personalised attention and guidance.

Through private yoga classes, you experience real transformation in your practice as well as develop a stronger connection between mind, body soul. So if you are looking for an intimate setting with personalised attention that allows you to uncover a much deeper understanding of your practice then booking a private yoga class could be just what you need!
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